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Many life insurance companies now offer the ability to get online life insurance quotes through their website and quoting software. You could take a few hours and input your information in on all of the top life insurance company’s websites and then try and sort all of the information by hand BUT why go through all of that trouble?

With our free life insurance quoting tool you can compare multiple life insurance companies offers side by side – and only enter your information in once!

Let competition work to your favor when searching for online life insurance quotes!

Whole Life Insurance Quotes And Term Life Insurance Quotes

Some of us remember the days when the insurance agent would have to come out to the house to obtain the pertinent information necessary for a life insurance quote.  Not only did the insurance company require a medical history and physical, they wanted a copy of your medical records before issuing a life insurance quote.

Then it may have taken 2-3 months before you were approved.  Now you can get a life insurance quote online in about 2 minutes.

You still have the choices of the common types of life insurance such as:

  • Whole Life – The insured pays into the whole life policy at a fixed premium for the duration of his/her lifetime.  The benefit is that the death benefit is coupled with a cash value available for liquidation for loans and hardships. Technically this is a type of Permanent Life Insurance, albeit the most common.
  • Term Life – The insured is covered for specific period of time.  Usually coverage is 20-30 years.  The premium is fixed for that term, with no other attachments.  The death benefit is usually more than a whole life policy.  Most term policies’ coverage ranges from $25,000 to $250,000.
  • Permanent Life – This type of coverage combines whole and term with a death benefit like term, and the tax-free savings of whole life insurance.  Obviously the premiums are usually higher for Permanent Insurance.  There are different variations to this type of policy according the needs of the family.  Permanent Life includes whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, and variable universal life insurance.  

Not Much Required To Get A Life Insurance Quote Online 

An instant online life insurance quote only requires a few answers to a short list of questions like:

  • Location of residence
  • Smoker/Non-smoker
  • Age
  • Gender
  • General medical history
  • Amount of coverage needed
  • Type of policy needed 

People up to 80 years of age may be qualified for an online life insurance quote.  Depending on the answers to the general questions one may be required to supply more
Information, such as medical records if circumstances warrant the need.

The days of filling out 25 and 30 forms in the presence of the insurance agent are gone.  The amount of coverage will depend on the person interested in the life insurance quote.

The whole purpose of obtaining life insurance is to protect the beneficiaries in the case of death of the income earners.  The average present cost of a funeral is around $10,000.  Then if the family wants to maintain the same lifestyle, life insurance can provide for that also.

Better Life Insurance Quotes Online Than By Telephone

Insurance companies have online host sites that include them in comparison lists all over the web for broader exposure.  Consumers can comparison shop with a larger list of insurance companies for a life insurance quote.

Making phone calls to three companies for comparison could take several hours.  Online there are more companies to choose from.  Included are smaller companies that may not be recognizable.

In this case it is important to check them out with the Better Business Bureau, A.M. Best, or your State’s Department of Insurance.

Factors That Can Affect A Life Insurance Quote 

In addition to the obvious health factors that affect a life insurance quote, the growing problem of obesity greatly affects a person’s rate.  As obesity increases the chances of a number of health problems and the likelihood of requiring long term care is increased.  Therefore, obesity is considered a real risk factor.

A person’s job or livelihood affects the rate of a life insurance quote.  Some of the most dangerous jobs increase the percentage of early mortality.  Some of those jobs include:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Race Car Driving
  • Sky Diving
  • Sports
  • Security (including law enforcement)
  • Fire Fighting
  • Deep Sea Diving
  • Flying

Regardless of what consumers’ insurance needs are, there is some type of insurance to fit all lifestyles.  In the case of strong risk factors there are some companies who will not insure.  With the increased availability of choices however, with a little extra effort anyone can get a life insurance policy.

Compare Free Life Insurance Quotes Now! 

A free life insurance quote comparison is available to anyone just for the asking. The ease of shopping online should motivate anyone without life insurance to obtain a life insurance quote.

Use the quote tool at the top of the page to compare multiple companies and start your search for a free life insurance quote now.

Get started finding life insurance today!

Free Life Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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